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i like kpop and anime hello


deleted scenes

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zodiac sign thing

aries- emo

taurus- weak ass bitch

gemini- ass lovin trash

cancer- water loving son of a bitch

leo- asshole who thinks theyre funny

virgo- pokèmon master

libra- loser nerd

scorpio- swaggy cool kid

sagittarius- shrek worshipper

capricorn- annoying piece of uncool

aquarius- boobie lovin cunt

pisces- bee movie jerk


lord if u r there and listening please do me this 1 favor n ill never ask for anything ever again i swear 2 god just do me this solid: do NOT let anyone tell Tony Jones that teenagers on the internet wanna see him n slimjim make out. lord, please spare tony. please. for me 



What’s meme in Japanese


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Aren’t you jealous?

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kyung’s hat tho


photo credit jesterkyung

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It’s fucking sickening how much hate 4L is getting for doing a sexy and lesbian concept on their mv. Like they’re literally being called trashy, lesbians, a shame to kpop, sluts, attention seekers, and what not. And how fucking surprising! It’s all coming from girls. But oh, if it were oppa doing all those moves and doing a gay concept like omo wouldn’t it be so fucking hot!!1! smfh at the kpop fandom like ya’ll should go back to your mom’s womb and mature a little….

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